Our restaurant is the beating heart of our house!

My husband, Christoph Trienen, and his kitchen crew always look forward to preparing delicacies for you – with love and devotion. We primarily work with local and seasonal products – always ensuring that the goods be processed respectfully.

While you are dining, feasting, sipping, slurping, nibbling and indulging, our charming service team will take good care of you. We delight in serving excellent regional, national and international wines which harmonise with the lovingly prepared meals. 

When his work in the kitchen is done, my husband is always happy to make a tour of the restaurant to ask about your experience and satisfaction. This often leads to lively conversations and the exchange of stories and philosophies about food and fine dining.
From our point of view, this makes for a beautiful ending to a successful evening.






Our opening in restaurant

monday - saturday 12am-2pm / 6pm-10pm
sunday is the restaurant closed






Fried scallops
on mashed sweet potato and peach chutney 15,90Euro
Three kinds of goats cheese
creme brulee with pearchutney, gratinated goats cheese with honey, herbs and grapecompote, goats cheese foam with fig-nuits-salad 12,50Euro
carpaccio of beef
with rocket salad, fried chanterelles and olives 12,90Euro
buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and beef jerky 12,90Euro
Storchenhappen - assorted treats
mashed white beans with fried prawn and chanterelles,
coppa on potatosalad with grilled paprika and capers,
marinated goats cheese with vegetables,
salmon with Rösti,
kohlrabisalad with smoked trout


marinated beef tartar with a small salad
starter        13,90Euro
main course        19,90Euro
soup of tomato and roasted paprika with pesto and fried octopus  9,90 Euro
without octopus  6,90Euro

main course

Homemade pan fried gnocchi,
with pumpkin, goats cheese and pesto 15,90 Euro
Wiener Schnitzel of veal with roast potatoes and a mixed salad 22,90 Euro
In parchment paper cooked fillet of loup de mer,
with fennel, spring leek and rosemary potatoes 22,90 Euro
InBurgundy stewed roast venison
with red cabbage and homemade Spätzle 19,00 Euro
Fillet of pork with black forest ham and cream sauce with pepper,
vegetables and homemade pasta 20,90 Euro
Medium fried Rumpsteak with onion-mustard crust
with potato-bacon gratin and beans 25,90 Euro
Fried chickenbreast with lemon and ginger,
on spring leek with lemonrisotto 21,90 Euro
Medium fried lamb
with homemade hummus, spring leek,
tomato salsa and mintyoghurt 22,90 Euro
Homemade "Rösti" with sliced fillet of pork,
mushrooms in cream and mixed salad 19,00 Euro
vegetarian  15,00 Euro


Yoghurt-Creme Brulee with marinated apricots and yoghurt-apricot ice cream 8,90 Euro
Homemade peach tarte tatin
with peachsorbet 8,90 Euro
Assortment of homemade sorbets 7,90 Euro
peach granité with peach foam and peachragout 5,90 Euro