Three kinds of goats cheese
crème brûlée with pearchutney, gratinated goats cheese with honey, herbs and marinated grapes, goats cheese foam with a nut and fig salad 13,50Euro
"Storchen-Happen" - assorted treats
marinated salmon and honey-mustard sauce,
marinated goats cheese with pear chutney,
prawn spring roll with mango chutney,
"bresaola" with parmesan and rocket pesto,
small "rösti" with black forest ham and sour cream


marinated beef tartar with a small salad
starter        15,90Euro
main course        21,90Euro
Cream soup of parsnip  6,50 Euro

main course

Homemade gnocchi,
with stove pumpkin, creamy goat cheese and pesto 17,00 Euro
"Wiener Schnitzel" of veal with roast potatoes and a mixed salad 23,90 Euro
Pan-fried filet of saibling,
on lentils with horseradish sauce and small potatoes 24,90 Euro
Veal escalope with a cream sauce
with Buchholzer noodles and a mixed salad 23,90 Euro
Pan-fried beef "Zwiebelrostbraten" with onions in gravy
with pear, beans, bacon and gratinated potatoes with bacon 26,90 Euro
Venison roulade,
stuffed with dried plums, bacon and walnuts on creamy savoy cabbage 22,90 Euro
and homemade "spätzle"
Medium pan- fried haunch of lamb
with sauce Provencale, mangold and creamy polenta 25,90 Euro
Homemade "Rösti" with sliced fillet of pork,
mushrooms in cream and mixed salad 19,50 Euro
vegetarian  16,50 Euro


Crème brûlée with orange salad and caramel ice cream 8,90 Euro
Herrencreme "Storchen Style"
with vanilla cream with rum pot fruits, chocolate crumble 6,90 Euro
and hazelnut ice cream
Assortment of homemade sorbets 7,90 Euro
three kinds of small sweets from our Pâtisserie 5,00 Euro