Our restaurant is the beating heart of our house!

My husband, Christoph Trienen, and his kitchen crew always look forward to preparing delicacies for you – with love and devotion. We primarily work with local and seasonal products – always ensuring that the goods be processed respectfully.

While you are dining, feasting, sipping, slurping, nibbling and indulging, our charming service team will take good care of you. We delight in serving excellent regional, national and international wines which harmonise with the lovingly prepared meals. 

When his work in the kitchen is done, my husband is always happy to make a tour of the restaurant to ask about your experience and satisfaction. This often leads to lively conversations and the exchange of stories and philosophies about food and fine dining.
From our point of view, this makes for a beautiful ending to a successful evening.






Our opening in restaurant

monday - saturday 12am-2pm / 6pm-10pm
sunday is the restaurant closed